Looking for unique & fun entertainment for your event or party? 
We are available to draw caricatures for you & your guests at your event. 

Live Caricature Entertainment FAQS

Q:  How much does it cost to book you for our party?

A:  Our drawing fee is $100/ hour  (3-4 hour minimum depending on travel distance)

Q:  Do you charge a travel fee?

A:  We purposefully keep our drawing fee at a very affordable rate of $100/hour.  Because of this, we will need to        charge a travel fee for distances that require more than an hour drive time based on distance.  We are based in        Santa Clarita.  Many days we are booked for multiple events, therefore, we must consider our travel time to     

      insure that we can service all of our clients.  Please let us know where your event will be & we can determine if        a travel fee is required. 

Q:  Do you draw at weddings?

A:   Yes!  We are draw at all types of events -- weddings, rehearsal dinners, showers,  birthday parties, retirement          parties, corporate events, holiday parties, festivals, block parties, etc.

Q:  How many people can you draw in an hour?

A:  Average drawing speed is 12-15 faces / hour (in black & white only).  If you would like the drawings to be in 

     color, the average speed is 10-12 faces / hour.  

Q:  What size paper do you draw on?

A:   All live caricatures are drawn on 12 x 18 premium paper

Q:  If you draw smaller caricatures, can you do draw them faster?

A:   I wish it worked that way, but nope.  Drawing speed of each caricature is the same no matter how large or

      small we draw them.  Our average drawing speed is 4-5 minutes per person. 

Q:  We are expecting 120 guests at our wedding.  How many hours should we book you?

A:   We have been drawing at weddings for years & we have learned that every wedding & crowd is a bit         

      different.  You should consider if we will be the only entertainment for your guests or will there be other activities

      (such as a photo-booth).  In our experience, about 50-60% of guests will want to have their caricature drawn.

      There are many guests who like to watch the fun, but don't necessarily want to get their own caricature.  For a 

      wedding expecting 120 guests, we suggest booking us for 4 hours.

Q:  If our guests are having fun & we want you to stay longer, is that possible?

A:  Yes!  This happens all the time!!  We are always happy to stay at your event longer, if our schedule permits.     

     Many times we draw at more than one event in a day, so we encourage you to book us for the hours you would 

     like, but we are happy to stay longer if our schedule allows it.  Our standard drawing fee of $100/hour will be  

     due onsite.

Q:  We want the caricatures to be our party favors for our wedding.  Can you put our name & wedding date on

      each drawing so guests will remember where they got it?

A:   Yes!  We can custom create a personalized logo as well as a border that we will pre-print on the paper before          your event so each caricature will have your wedding info on it.

Q:  How can my guests get home with their caricatures without ruining them?

A:  We provide a plastic sleeve for each drawing so your guests can take them home with ease.  In addition, we

     do not use products that smear, run, or bleed to help insure that their caricatures will look great after the party.

Q:  Do you bring everything you need or do I need to provide a table and chairs?

A:  You will not need to provide anything.  We bring all of our supplies as well as chairs, drawing easel, and small 

     side table.  

Q:  Our party will be outside.  Can you draw outside?

A:  Yes!  We are happy to draw outside as long as we have a proper space.  We will need to be in a shaded area 

     as full bright sun makes it very difficult to see (for both the artist and the person getting drawn).  If the weather is       extreme (either hot or cold) we will need fans or heat-lamps.  In addition, if your event is during the evening, we

     will need lighting.  We are happy to provide our own lighting.  This should be discussed at the time you book us 

     as we do not bring lighting to events unless we have discussed in advance.

Q:  Do guests enjoy getting their caricature drawn?

A:  Absolutely!  We hear from guests all the time how much fun they have getting their caricature drawn.  Many of 

     our customers book us because they met us while getting drawn at an event & they wanted to book us for their

     own party!  We have also had guests tell us that their caricature is the best party favor they have ever received.

Q:  How do I book you for our event?

A:  Its simple!  Please complete this questionnaire & hit submit....we will get back to you within a day or so once we 

     take a look at our booking calendar.

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