What is a studio Caricature?

It is a caricature that we draw of you, but instead of sitting in front of the artist live, we will draw it in our art studio using photos that you email to us!  This makes it possible for us to draw absolutely anyone as there is no need to come to us.  We are able to draw caricatures of people from all over the world because you simply email us photos of your faces!

How do I place an order?

It's a simple process!  Choose your custom options for each Step below & send us your request at the bottom of this page.  Pricing is based on the quantity of people and intricacy of your background.  We will reply back to your request with a price quote for your custom order.  Prices start as low as $65 (for Level 1 background, single person).


How many people (including children & babies) as well as pets would you like to be drawn?

    Example Answer:  2 adults, 1 baby & 2 dogs


We have 3 different levels of backgrounds --- from simple to ornate.  Take a look at the samples to determine which you would like for your caricature.

  • LEVEL 1 -- one color background (no wording or background graphics)

  • LEVEL 2 -- simple background details - a trellis, flowers, border, small props, or typography

  • LEVEL 3 -- detailed, intricate background - a stadium, cityscape or other full-detailed background

Level 1 Samples

Level 2 Samples

Level 3 Samples


What will you use your caricature for?  Will this be used as a birthday or retirement gift?  Will this be used as your Save-The-Date invitations for your wedding or will you frame this to be used as your wedding 'guestbook' for your guests?  You will be able to print on virtually anything...Prints, Life-size cutouts, Posters, Table decorations, Refrigerator magnets, Invitations, Coffee mugs, T-shirts.  Just let us know what you have in mind so we can format the artwork accordingly.

Do you have a theme in mind?  The sky is the limit on what theme you would like for your caricature.  You will see in the examples in Step 2 that we have created Disney, Star Wars, sports teams, beach, unicorn, hot air balloon, real estate, graduation, movie moments, etc.  We can create any theme you can imagine!


We offer two distinct styles of caricatures -- "Theme Park Style"  or  "Realistic Style"  


  • Theme Park Style -- This style of caricature is similar to the type of caricature you might have seen drawn by artists at Six Flags or Disney World.  It is a fun loving exaggerated version of yourself.

  • Realistic Style -- This caricature style is not as exaggerated as Theme Park.  While it is not a real likeness or portrait, it will more closely resemble your features.

photos from clients (sent by email)
Theme Park Style
Realistic Style


We LOVE to create unique & fun caricatures!  Our Studio Caricatures are hand drawn on a large drawing tablet (kind of like a giant iPad).  We are able to create a custom and unique caricature of you in any setting you like that you can print in a variety of sizes and on practically any product...Magnets, Greeting Cards, Posters, Shirts, Coffee Mugs...you name it!  You can also use it digitally on social media, websites and emails.  Have a unique idea that you would like us to capture for a special event or milestone?  We are happy to create something truly custom!  Weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, birthdays, new career, family portraits, vacations....and so much more!   

Let us know what we can create for you!  


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